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Mari on oma kontsertidega reisinud mitmel pool maailmas: enamikus Euroopa riikides ning viimasel ajal sageli ka Jaapanis. Tema 2015. aastal rahvusvahelise ansambliga Mari Kalkun & Runorun salvestatud album „Tii ilo“ nomineeriti 2015. aasta etnomuusika albumi tiitlile nii Eesti kui ka Soome muusikaauhindadel. 2018. aastal nomineeriti ta Eesti Muusikaauhindadel aasta naisartisti tiitlile ning tema album „Ilmamõtsan“ aasta etnomuusika albumi tiitlile. 2018. aasta Tallinn Music Weekil valisid muusikaspetsialistidest delegaadid ja publik tema kava üheks oma lemmikuks ja ta pälvis TMW artistiauhinna. The Guardian nimetas „Ilmamõtsan“ üheks kümnest 2018. aasta parimaks maailmamuusika albumiks.


Hers is a voice that seems to speak to us from the heart of the Estonian forest. Mari Kalkun’s music is at once of a place and deeply personal., For those of us with ears and hearts open her music, rooted in ancient Estonian and Võru traditions, resonates deep within us to touch our spirits, our souls – even when the language is strange to us. Songs and musical arrangements that are sparse and stripped down allow emotions to surface and the music to breathe and reveal itself as if something organic and real. Her music is intimate – it seems that it is born of the Baltic winter forests and icy landscapes and yet it also encompasses renewal, hope and celebration. Mari’s voice speaks directly to us all and reminds us just how vast the soul of a singer can be and how small our world is.
Mari Kalkun has released five albums in Estonia, Europe and Japan. Since the release of her first album Üü tulõk (The arrival of the Night) in 2007 in Estonia, she has toured in many parts of Europe. All her records have now also been released in Japan. In 2018, Mari Kalkun was nominated in two categories at the Estonian Music Awards ceremony and she received Tallinn Music Week artist award. Her latest album Ilmamõtsan was chosen to the TOP 10 of best world music albums 2018 by The Guardian. Combining folk traditions with innovative song-writing, Mari Kalkun is one of the most forward-looking folk artists today.

Mari Kalkun
vocals, zither, harmonica, chimes and bells



Pühapäeval, 17. märtsil kl 18.00 esineb Luxembourgis Mari Kalkun.
Kontsert toimub Théâtre le 10 saalis (595, Rue de Neudorf, L-2222 Luxembourg-Neudorf).

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